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Please refer to our list of commonly asked questions below. If your query is not answered, please do not hesitate to contact Precision Broking by email or call 0117 244 5811

Crew Cover policies are non-refundable 12 month policies. Short term policies will only be offered at the same price.

Crew Cover LIABILITY POLICIES cannot be suspended for periods during the year.

Your Right to Cancel

There is no right of cancellation on your part, however we are happy to cancel a policy ab initio if you contact us within the same calendar month due to administrative costs and insurer processes. Please ensure the policy is suitable for your requirements before purchasing. The Insurer may issue 30 days written notice of cancellation at  any time by writing to your last known address when we will allow a pro rata refund of premium.

Yes, although, we will charge an admin fee of £25 as the system is designed to be online creating a quick and simple process for you. This takes much longer over the phone.

North America is excluded unless you indicate the number of days you anticipate being there during the policy period at point of purchase. If you intend to visit the US at all please enter the number of days in the registration process / your personal details and the endorsement will be added to your schedule to ensure you are covered to a maximum of 120 days. Additional cover may be given on referral to the Insurer.

Territories defined as hostile or subject to trade sanctions by the foreign office are excluded in this policy as is any claim for bodily injury, personal injury, pollution, damage or denial of access directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to by or arising from war or any act of terrorism.

If while working in a territory it becomes defined as hostile by the Foreign Office you should make immediate attempts to remove yourself to a safe domicile.

If you are no longer a freelancer and engage sub contractors to assist you on projects you need a different type of cover. Please contact Precision Broking to discuss your individual requirements.

If you are a limited company for tax purposes but do not engage or supervise the services of sub contractors, Crew Cover Public Liability is still appropriate for you. Buy online as normal and you will be prompted to insert your limited company name in Your Personal Details.

The equipment you use day in day out is worth thousands and if you damage it you could be liable for it. Our policy covers you where most others exclude it.

If you injure someone by accident and they sue you, it costs a fortune just to defend the claim before they even get to damages.

Just to be on site you need liability insurance because the company that hires you has an insurance policy that says if their crew don’t have insurance they might not have insurance

Crew Cover insures crew exposure to claims whether this is for equipment you are working on, kit in your custody and control or while you are operating forklifts or telehandlers, anywhere in the World and at whatever height you might be working at. Crew Cover liability also covers defence costs for Local Authority prosecutions.

Just email Precision Broking and Precision will send you a copy of your pollicy schedule and wording.


Freelance crew, production managers and technicians whose main line of work is rigging, AV, lighting, sound, power, pyro, structure, and motion control. Companies engaging sub contractors or employees are not eligible for Crew Cover but can talk to Precision about their requirements.


All claims involving third party injury or property damage should be notified to Precision Broking Limited in the first instance.  CALL 0117 244 5811. If it is out of office hours then call 07595420402.  Insurers will appoint Robin Judd of Woodgate & Clark to adjust the claim.

Robin Judd

Woodgate & Clark

Colmore Gate

2-6 Colmore Row


B3 2QD



Tel: 07738 886356


Emergency medical assistance:

In the event of accident or illness resulting in hospitalisation, the following Emergency Service Company must be contacted promptly following such hospitalisation.

Healix International Assistance Services

Telephone: 0800 279 7745


The helpline is manned 24 hours a day 365 days a year by multi-lingual assistance co-ordinators experienced in managing medical assistance cases with hospitals and clinics worldwide.

In the event of non emergency claims, please contact Precision Broking Limited in the first instance. 0117 244 5811 or email



Precision will send you an email 1 month before to let you know that your policy(ies) are due for renewal. We will then send a further email followed by a couple of text messages just in case you're on tour, to make sure you don't miss it.

The PSA is a collection of the best live event service companies, technicians and designers. Their members support their work to set, raise and maintain standards in your sector. If you’re organising an event, it’s better to use people that support those standards rather than people that don’t.

By joining the PSA you will become represented by the biggest body in the industry. They have over 1,000 members, both individuals and large organisations. The PSA deal with the many issues that indirectly affect those in the Production Services Industry and keep you informed of legislative changes and news that may affect you.

PSA's Mission Statement Objectives:

  • To be a central representative body to put the views of it’s members to government departments and agencies, Parliament, European organisations and other relevant sectors.
  • To be a resource centre, providing commentary and essential information on all legal, taxation, insurance and regulatory developments relevant to the technical production services industry.
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, news and other relevant information.
  • To promote the industry.
  • To raise standards in the industry through improved health, safety, welfare education and training.
  • To provide a range of benefits to its membership

You can log into the site at any time and amend personal details. If you need to change your policy details, just give Precision a call or email them.

The PSA issue membership packs at the start of the month following joining. If you need to contact them in the meantime, you can call them on +44 (0) 1225 332668 or email

No, there are no restrictions on this policy of that nature.

If you wish to make a complaint, you can do so at any time by referring the matter to: 

Complaints Department 
XL Catlin Services SE, UK Branch 
20 Gracechurch Street 
United Kingdom 
Telephone Number: +44 (0) 20 7743 8487 

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