Public Liability insurance

Public liability insurance for crew is seen by many as a ticket to work and little attention is given to why it is needed or what cover it actually provides.

Public Liability insurance covers awards of damages given to a third party because of an injury or damage to their property where you have been negligent. It does not cover injury to you or damage/loss of your own property.

Crew Cover Underwriter

Crew Cover Public Liability Policies are underwritten 100% by AXA XL Insurance UK Limited (authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority – registration number 423308). 

Crew Cover - The scope of service we are providing

We are neither making a personal recommendation nor giving you advice in relation to the product we have identified.  You must make your own decision based on the product information provided.  Crew Cover is placed with a single insurer. If you require a marketing exercise or comparative terms you will need to request terms from an alternative Insurance Intermediary.

Crew Cover Proceeding to Cover and Document Issue

If you progress through the quotation process and decide to proceed with the Crew Cover Public Liability Quotation the cover will be issued by Precision Broking Ltd and the documentation will be issued by Precision Broking Ltd under Binding Authority UMR B1141C23M8170 granted to Precision Broking Ltd by AXA XL Insurance UK Limited (authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority – registration number 423308).

What Crew Cover Offers

Crew Cover liability insurance for production crew provides:

  • Public liability insurance to £5 million Worldwide cover
  • No work at height restriction
  • Includes liability for damage to:
    - Equipment in your custody and control
    - Equipment being worked upon
  • Includes annual PSA membership
  • Online price from £265

Please note that this is an annual, non-refundable policy with no return premium available should you cancel mid-term.

Please read our Terms of Business, Policy IPID and the Crew Cover Public Liability Policy Wording.

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Our Base Price for £5m Public Liability is just £265

£10m limit also available for £365 inc IPT

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